Radio Y Playlist #1: Common People Oxford 2016

Monday 23rd May 2016

It’s here! Our first Radio Y playlist is up, and it’s a beauty.

This weekend, Common People returns to Oxford, and we’ve picked our 10 must-see acts of the festival.

Curated by Rob da Bank and the Bestival team, the festival continues to grow each year at both its Oxford and Southampton twin sites.

This year, headliners include Duran Duran and Primal Scream, with the likes of Katy B, Craig David, Public Enemy and Gaz Coombes joining proceedings.

But who did we pick? Well, take a listen to our playlist and read all about each track below.

As ever, thank you for listening. And to the excellent artists featured, we thank you for the music.

Love, Radio Y x

Julia Meijer - England

What better place to start than England.

Creeping in with a deliciously sparse guitar riff and rolling snare pattern, Julia Meijer’s ‘England’ is the perfect introduction to our playlist.

Equal parts haunting and beautiful, it’s a stunning effort from the Oxford based Swedish songwriter.

Ghostpoet - Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me

A firm favourite here, Ghostpoet rolls into our playlist next with ‘Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me’.

Dark yet hugely uplifting, Ghostpoet’s tale of an unsatisfied relationship sparkles over a gloriously jazzy drum and bass groove, while atmospheric synths drift amongst cascading guitar licks.

What more can we say, we love this track. Anything but forgettable.

Vienna Ditto - Ticks

Ever wanted to hear voodoo sci-fi blues? Of course you have.

Vienna Ditto’s ‘Ticks’ combines wickedly playful synths with Tarantino surf guitars, while we muse on a clock that doesn’t tock it only ticks.

Fun, catchy, cool, it’s another gem from Oxford’s formidable music scene. You’d be a fool to miss this set.

The Cuban Brothers - So Sweet

A staple of the festival circuit, The Cuban Brothers are up next with ‘So Sweet’, and god does this track feel good.

Always a fun live band, pray for sun, get a drink in you and go watch The Cuban Brothers. Remember, it’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.

Esher Joy Lane - Quest For Her Master

Some beautiful electronica now from another Oxford resident, Esther Joy Lane.

Etherial and determined, ‘Quest For Her Master’ powers into its thunderous beat and never looks back, as huge reverb-laden vocals twist and morph amongst the shadows.

It’s a fantastic example of merging the delicate and fragile with relentless power. Stunning.

Zaia - Dark Days

Like all festivals, Common People requires some reggae. It’s a tradition or an old charter, or something. Fortunately, Oxford does this well too, via our next pick, Zaia.

‘Dark Days’ is everything you want from a reggae tune. A great hook, some cheeky percussion, those dub delays, needless to say we really like this track.

Ben Gomori - Peace Sign

Ben Gomori’s ‘Peace Sign’ really kicks off side two of our playlist.

A masterclass in the slow build, the most catchy guitar lick plays out as we’re teased endlessly for the drop. Seemingly so simple, it’s almost frustrating how well this track is put together.

And you’ll be singing that guitar lick for weeks.

Cameron A G - Double Knot

Sometimes you hear something that just stops you in your tracks.

‘Double Knot’ creeps into your life in the most unassuming way, but you’ll be so thankful it did.

Taken from Cameron A G’s debut Ep, Way Back Home, a small lone voice steps delicately over a magical chord sequence, an organ line which surprises right to the end as it hangs unresolved forever.

Take a bow, Cameron.

Neverlnd - Someone

And so it’s nearly time to end our Common People Oxford playlist, as Neverlnd wind us down with this soother.

A gorgeous production full of space and depth, ‘Someone’ is one of our favourite finds this week. The little finger clicks, that rolling bass line, and of course those layered harmonies. It’s all just so pretty, thank you, Neverlnd.

Sit back, chill, and let this one play out over you.

Etherwood - Give It Up

Oh but we’re not done yet.

On the Sunday of Common People Oxford, there’s a Hospitality Takeover, featuring some of the best drum and bass acts in the country right now.

Our pick of the bunch is Etherwood, who’s huge productions just bristle with energy and life. ‘Give It Up’ is a fine example of this, as the most simple jazzy organ lick is transformed into an epic cinematic landscape.

So when you think you’ve hit your peak at this year’s Common People Oxford, go pay the Hospital guys a visit. Trust us, thank us later.